Tuesday, 10 May 2011

RIFT begins Ascend-a-Friend referral promotion

Beginning tomorrow with the advent of patch 1.2, RIFT subscribers will be able to Ascend-a-Friend into the ranks of the Defiant or Guardians, providing the newly Ascended with a seven-day free trial as well as linking the two players' accounts together.

This account link comes with benefits for both the Ascender and the Ascendee. The former will gain in-game rewards -- an adorable Corgi non-combat pet, a stylin' new hat, and a rather menacing flaming horse mount of doom -- for each recruited friend who decides to purchase RIFT. The latter will be granted an exclusive title, "The Chosen," and each player will be given the ability to teleport to the other's location once every 30 minutes.


  1. Hey nice blogs you have here! Ive heard Rift is a great game about 7 times already haha =)

  2. It is! I'm just off to play it now actually haha, you should give it a go :) PM me your email and I'll send you an invite when the patch goes live tomorrow if you're interested.